Thursday, March 1, 2012

Open WOD 12.2

Snatch Ladder

Ok, so CF HQ clearly wants us dead. I mean it, they really really do. The 2012 Open WOD 12.2 was announced yesterday and it's a mother.

10 min. AMRAP
30 snatch (75/45)
30 snatch (135/75)
30 snatch (165/100)
AMRAP snatch (215/120)

...see I told you theyre trying to kill us. I did this little number this morning and I scored 58, not great but not bad. Not sure if I'll try this again, but maybe. My 3RM on snatch is 160#, so I am curious to see if the adrenalin will allow me to push past it, well see. If your going to hit this one, do yourself a favor and go to first and watch the mobility drills for ROM, Kstar knows his stuff and this helped a ton for me. As always...good luck and get after it!

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