Saturday, March 3, 2012

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (your shoulders)

Often we find ourselves in a bad position when it comes to our shoulders. We are missing a lot of ROM and internal rotation because we tend to sleep on our arms & shoulders and spend a good portion of the day hunched over, this really puts our shoulders in a bad position. A quick anatomy lesson- your shoulder is a "ball & socket" joint, and the more we place ourselves in a bad position the more our shoulders do not sit fully in the socket thus greatly increasing the chance of injury.  Now, mix in the amount of over head work we do in the name of fitness that further stresses our shoulders and snap, crackle, pop goes your rotator cuff. So, to prevent this we need to actively put our shoulders back were they the socket, so we can work & play in a good strong position creating torque/stability and preventing injury that will side line you and de-rail your progress. Do yourself a huge favor and love your shoulders so they can love you back! You need to invest in a good stretch band (a towel or rope will do in a pinch), and you need to pay attention the the maestro of mobility. Be good to yourselves and get supple people, get supple!

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