Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dailey Wod 04-23-2011

Warn ups:
PNF-hips & shoulders
Spealer warm up

Strength Wod:     Heavy Clean Pulls w/ straps @ 115% 1RM
warm up set - 185#x10
225x5/245x3/275xamrap (made 4 w/ good speed)

Wod:      The "7"
7 rounds each for time
7-Poly Push Ups (see below for description)
7-95# Front Squats
7-Ring Dips
7-GHD sit ups
*Poly Push Up"-poly metric push up: place 2 6" boxes on the outsides of your forearms in the lower position of the push up. Start with a regular push up, at the bottom...explode up and onto the boxes. from the bottom position on the boxes, explode upwards and land with you hands on the ground. this is 1 rep (I know...this isn't effing easy!!)

Mike G. Rx'd
R1-1:43      R4-2:14
R2-1:49      R5-2:11
R3-2:07      R6-2:20
Total Time: 14.63 min

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