Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nutritional Experiment Update

Hi guys, just a real quick note I'd like to throw in here about how I feel as I go through this process, kind of a "stream of consciousness" type of thing. Let me start by saying I am getting a house ready for sale and packing to move, along with having my two dogs, I am also dog sitting for a week. All of this and my full time gig too, not to mention my time I spend being a mad scientist/dumb lab rat for all of us. Suffice to say I should be in exhaustion hell...but I'm not. as a matter of fact...i feel really good. :) Also I feel very strong...I just did my morning routine and I did heavy clean pulls with 115% my max for reps followed by a brutal wod I designed called the 7. Take a look at it later as soon as I post it. point is normally this would have been it...i would typically have been passed out on the couch too tired and sore to move till at least Monday. but as I sit here right now I am having trouble typing fast enough!! i really feel a overall balance of well being...its kinda cool! By going through this process I feel like we are learning how to "drive" our own bodies to the places WE want them to go...not just accepting the excuse of "genetic fate". sum far so good... me feel good, now go eat often & clean and go lift heavy things as often as you can!

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