Friday, April 22, 2011

Nutritional Experiment Update

shrimp scampi with veggies, salsa and black beans
OK, it has been 3 days since taking the plunge into "guinea pig land" and I wanted to spot check my numbers. After all, they say to make effective change you need to test and re-test frequently...if you don't track it you will not make change. So I didn't have any preconceived goals for this spot check, truth be told, I told myself that no change was still something and not to let my fragile male ego get the better of me (yes ladies, I can admit this!). I have designed this experiment so that I would have a few extra days in the beginning and at the end of this four week protocol, just in case!  So I got up pretty early today (with the help of my two dogs...trouble and more trouble), I showered and made a cup of coffee, after that I took all of my measurements and weights (don't worry, I will share all of the statistical data with you at the end). I was very pleased with my findings just 3 days in...I lost 3.5 inches off of both my hips AND waist - 8 inches off of my total Inches all together! Also, I lost 1.8lbs of fat and most importantly I lost a whopping 5.86% of body fat...IN THREE DAYS!!!! These results really spur me on and I look forward to my next update...April 29th. Same non-fat time , same non-fat channel. Until then, be well, eat well and treat each other well! Now lets do work!

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