Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well it's about time for the electrodes!!

Yep, it sure is. We as a society tend to be good at talking the talk but when it comes to walking...were out. So I have been thinking, since at the core of this blog is the purpose of helping all of us live better lives...lets look at some of the common things that negatively affect the majority of us. The numero uno item that royally screws us over and over is the Dreaded Plight of the Diet. This scourge has plagued nearly everyone of us and continues to torment us daily! So, I have set out to find a solution...and NOT a fly by night, insane juice only, gain it all back seconds after completing the diet type of solution. I am determined to find one that fits the majority of our needs for the majority of time with the least possible effort! I promise I have not been drinking!! I put on my "scientist hat" on and researched this topic for the past six months in my spare time. I have read most of the popular diet books out there and wasn't too impressed, there is allot of common sense mixed with un-realistic expectations going on. Also, THE biggest complaint I have with these books is this: you tell me it's OK to have a "cheat" day but you didn't tell me HOW to cheat. Perplexing, I know. If I've never run a complex precise machine at a factory (ie;The Human body), and you told me to "run it" once a week, wouldn't you be sure to tell me HOW to run it?? you bet your OSHA loving ass you would!! So I have a library of reference material ranging from medical texts and journals to fitness articles,books,studies,ETC... from with to draw from and I have made my starting calculations and measurements. I am going to recreate and test the majority of the practices both popular and obscure, to see what really works, what doesn't and whats completely insane and/or delusional. So stay tuned as your Average Joe, a close to middle aged father of daughters experiments endlessly for our greater good. I will update my tests and progress weekly and upload all of my data so you can ride along with me and see what works and what doesn't...I encourage you to always seek out ways to be a better you, then share your new found info with the rest of us...your karma will thank you for it I promise. OK, this lab rat is signing off and heading towards the "electro-wheel"...LOL,jk. Time for coffee.

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