Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Strong are You?

Thats a fair question right? I ask myself that same question before each and every WOD. How do you know? Well depends on what type of strength your talking about...did I confuse you yet? Ok, so this is what im talking about. We all have an opinion of where our strength is. For some people its upper body, for others it's lower body, and still for others it may be snacking late at night!!(thats one of mine BTW) Id like you to ask yourself how is your mental strength? As we pound away at forging elite fitness every day, we need to be aware that mental toughness out ways physical strength every time. I know we sweat and bleed during our training and like in life, we sometimes want to quit just to stop the pain we are in, right? I'm asking you to DIG DEEP...ALWAYS give yourself just one more rep, fill your head with positive self talk and get rid of the negative thoughts,period.  If you do that, I will promise you that whatever your in the middle of, it will suck less. To help with my point, I found an inspiring picture for you. This lady is a single mom AND a cancer survivor...if she can, you can. Lets smile and do some work!!

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