Friday, October 15, 2010's what drives us

Hi guys, So today I'm reminded about a primal instinct hard wired into each human being alive...competition.So here's the scenario... It's the 40th anniversary of the buffalo sabres inaugural game and they have spared no expense. They have renowned Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan singing the National Anthem. They have all of the original staff there along with the current staff to re-create this memorial occasion. They even brought in the Mayor from the inaugural year as well as the sports announcer from that time. They even have a nice little slide show of that first game as well as other highlights throught their proud history. Then they bring out the Big Guns...dressed in authentic hockey jersey's just like the very night 40 years ago...out comes the sabres captain from that historic night, Floyd Smith...AND the montreal canadians captain,hockey mega-legend... The rocket richard. This is the ultamite re-creation of this  amazing first game, I mean really...they have all of the key players, shit they might has well brought in the remaining fans from that night while they were at it. Come to think of it, that would be pretty cool. Anyway...the son of the original sabres team owner, Seymor Knox the fourth gets ready to drop the puck as these two giants of hockey history square up. They put their sticks to the ice and thats when it happens. I realize that no matter our how old you are or what your level of fitness...there is one thing that is the same in all of us...competition. These two hall of famers look at the puck, then they eye each other up tonight the very same way they did 40 years ago. The areana instantly grows tence as seymor releases his grip on that all important little rubber puck. They never take their eye off of eachother, as a moment later the puck strikes the ice. Literally a nano-second later their sticks are on top of it and Floyd Smith wins the draw. Everyone rejoiced...the home team did it again!  There is a lot of hand shaking and hugging going on along with back-slapping like an old leathery, cigar smoke filled mens club of 1970. As all of this was windg down so the real game could begin, I noticed a little back and forth between Smith and not saying they were ready to throw the gloves off or anything, but I distinctly saw Smith look at Richard after a few verbal punches between two old warriors, once sworn enemies for a night and now equals and friends, Smith simply pulls out that all important little rubber hockey puck he won and shows it to Richard. Game over.  We can apply this story to everything we do wheather it's your fitness or nutrition or any other aspect of your life. The moral is simple...always compete...always strive to win. always push further and most importantly respect competition.

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